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Enabling the DBV is only necessary after doing a ram clear, or sometimes when you change the game chip. If you only changed the reel chip, this procedure is most likely not needed. You will also need to go through this procedure if you wish to change the denomination on your machine. There are numerous set chips available for the S+. Which one is used depends on what options you need to change. This FAQ will only address the bill validator and denomination. If you need to setup the progressive options, look at our FAQ on progressives. Unless you specifically purchased a specific SET chip, most dealers will sell you a SET 15 chip, which only enables Bill Validator and sets de denomination. If after a game change your bill validator does not work, then go ahead and remove the system tray where the game and reel chips reside. You will need to substitute the GAME chip with the Set chip. Then replace the system tray and power on the machine (do no put the hopper back at this point as you will only have to remove it again). If everything is ok, when the machine powers up you should see a 0 in the coins played window. Press the reset button once and you will see a 9 0 in the credit window. Press the spin reels button to change this to a 9 1. This enables your bill validator. Press the reset button again and the credit window will display a 0. Press spin reels and step through the denomination you want. They will go in this sequence 5, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 10000 (.05, .25, .50, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 100.00). Press the reset button when you have the right denomination. When the coins played window shows 0 and nothing else is displayed, power off your machine. Remove the set chip and replace the game chip. Put the tray back, hopper back, and close up. Power up the machine, it will display a 61 on the winner paid window, press the reset button, it will change to 61-1. Close door turn the reset key, and the 61-1 will clear. Insert bills and spin the reels!!!