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PSR's, PAR, EPROMs what's it all mean?

Common "techie" slot terms used in the trade

CAP		Capacitor
CAP KIT		A Capacitor Kit used to fix logic board in CRT monitors.
CM		Coin Multiplier
CMOS		Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Memory - uses less power than original NMOS technology
CPU		Central Processing Unit
DBV		Dollar Bill Validator
DIP		Dual In-line Package - typically a chip or a set of swtiches that has two "lines" or connectors.
EEPROM		Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFT		Electronic Fund Transfer
EGM		Electronic Gaming Machine
EPROM		Eresable Programmable Red Only Memory
FLASH		Rewritable memory, similar to EEPROMS, but much faster and higher capacities
GD		Gamind Device
IBA		Imbedded Bill Acceptor
LED		Light  Emiting Diode
Motherboard	On slots, typically the backplane where the MPU board connects as well as the other harnesses 
		for the slot.
MPU		Micro Processor Unit
NMOS		Nitrous Metal Oxide Semiconductor.  Older style technolgy used in semiconductors.
OTP PROM	same as an EPROM, but cannot be reprogrammed (OTP One-Time-Programmable)	
PAR		Payable and Reel information file.  Describes paytable probablities and reel strip listings.
PROM		Programmable Read Only Memory
PSR		Program Summary Report - describes slot program options and setup information.
PTS		Player Tracking System
RAM 		Random Access Memory
ROM		Read Only Memory
SP		Game Chip - funcions described in PSR file.
SS		Reel Chip - Paytable and Reel information described in PAR File.
ST		Tournament Chip - Paytable and Reel information described in PAR File.
SW		Switch - Usually when referring to dip-switches
VGM		Video Gaming Device
WAP		Wide-Area Progressive

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