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So you want to buy a slot machine for your private entertainment?  I guess you are:

1.  Tired of loosing money playing a machine in the casino.
2.  Want a sophisticated piggy bank.
3.  You are so addicted, you just gotta play 24 hours a day.
4.  Make up your own reason to justify your purchase.

Whatever the reason is, buying a slot is a big investment (and that's just the initial part).  Take your
time making this decision.  Slot machines are a lot of fun to play, but they can also be major sources
of headaches.  In a casino, if it's broken, you just move over a few feet and there's another machine.
At home, unless you have Mega Bank Roll, you are most likely going to have only 1 machine, so if it's 
broken, you gotta fix it.

Everyobdy who has purchased a slot machine has their own reasons for owning one.  My personal reason is
one of pure obesession.  Since I was 10 years old and took trips to Las Vegas with my Grandmother I had
a sort of kinship with these infernal machines.  I would sit close by, so I could watch her play through
a plant or some other obstacle as the game floor watchdogs didn't like 10 year old anywhere close to the
machines.  So finally when I was old enough to play, I took out my frustrations.  Too bad my bankroll was
not that large (and still isn't).

In the next section I will discuss the commonly available slots available for us common folk to obtain.
Most of the these machines have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of activity go through them,
so a scratch or two are inevitable.  It's important that when you do decide to get one, that you do your
homework in regards to what you want and where to get it.  Also keep in mind that there are legalities of
owning a slot machine and these laws vary from state to state.  Check your local laws regarding ownership
of slot machines for home use.

If you are ready to go get one, but don't know what to get, click here and read on.